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FAST Member Interview- Dottie of ccdzs

If you’re a member of FAST and would like to be featured in the weekly interview, visit this thread in the yahoo group to get the questions, then send your answers (and a picture or two if you’d like) to me at merigreenleaf[at]yahoo.com (or a convo to merigreenleaf). These will be posted in the order I receive them.


What is your name?
Dottie Zeigler Scher

What is your Etsy shop?
Crochet Creations by Dottie Z. Scher

Besides your Etsy shop, do you sell anywhere else?
I used to sell at the Wilcox Emporium Warehouse in Boone, NC. It’s now closed and developers are turning the old warehouse into condos. I also used to sell at The Emporium on Main in Belmont, NC but that’s now a restaurant so…… I sell at fairs and online. My blog is http://ccdzs.blogspot.com.

How long have you been making art/crafting?
My mother taught me to needlepoint, embroider, knit, weave, and sew when I was a little girl. One Saturday afternoon when I was 15 I picked up a book of crochet motifs and literally taught my self how to crochet. I was Hooked, so to speak, from then on. Ever since then, I love to pick up yarns see what they look like in a crochet stitch.

What was the first thing you remember making?
The very first thing I made was filling in the back ground on a needlepoint canvas. I had it framed years later and it now hangs upstairs in the hallway of my home.

What’s your favorite thing to make?
Scarves – they are the most versatile – you can do anything to change them up, make them up as you go and they’re fast. But, getting into a really intricate pattern for a doilie or a blanket, really gets me going, just to see if I can do it. It stretches my ability and I love that. Some if they’re too tough, I’ll put it down instead of getting frustrated and come back to it later. It may be years later – I’ve found old projects around my house that I packed up 20 years ago, pulled it out and finished it. It’s like the yarn just speaks and says, “now it’s time.”

About 20 years ago, I made a blind for my front door, I pulled it out a few months ago, pulled out some rows from the outside edge and recontructed it to fit a window in the house we live in now. I’d love to repeat the blind, but I can’t remember how I made the first one. I’ll try to send pics.

(Click the below link to read the rest of the interview and see more pictures)

ccdzs1 ccdzs2 ccdzs3

Where is the craziest or most interesting place you’ve ever crocheted, knitted, felted, spun yarn, etc?
Sitting on top of Table Rock overlooking Linville Gorge, listening to a Cherokee indian sing as the sun was going down. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, no pun intended. We had gone up there to wait for the Brown Mountain Lights. I have a story on the brownmountainlights.com website.

What is your favorite place to work?
Sitting cross legged on my bed in front of the TV, although I love to find a comfortable rocking chair on the front porch of a cabin over looking the Blue Ridge Mountains, with a cool breeze, at the end of a day. That’s my absolute favorite.

What inspires you?
a Challenge and looking at a piece of fabric or another pattern. If I like it, I’ll try to replicate it.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Everywhere – Nature (the colors), walking through the mall, my children – what they bring home or tell me is popular now. Just moved into a corner office at work where two walls are windows. I love it – I’m on the third floor at the top of a steep hill. My view used to be the front of the courthouse across the street. Now it’s the horizon in the distance facing east. I can see the mountains to the North and looking straight out there’s the tops of trees and sky. I feel like I’m in a tree house. Of course I lined the sills with pictures of my kids and grand-daughter. All that is my inspiration. When I get home in the evenings, I cook dinner, make sure my son has his homework done, walk my golden retriever, and sit down to enjoy whatever project I’m working on at the time. Right now it’s Scottish Tartans.

What is your favorite color?
My favoite colors are gold and cobalt blue.

Do you tend to work with that color, or do you find yourself working with other colors?
I work with everything, depends on the project and what yarns I can find that work.

Do you prefer a specific type of fiber?
The natural fibers are really pretty but the synthetic ones are easier on my hands.

Is there any other kind of art (fiber-related or not) that you’d like to learn?
I’m learning to spin. I’m fascinated by that.

Tell us a bit about yourself- where do you live, what’s your job, do you have a spouse/children/pets, any other hobbies, that kind of thing.
I was born and raised here in Gastonia, where I live now. I’ve lived in Raleigh, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinnati (Loveland) and always came home to Gastonia. My husband and I are talking about retiring in a few years to somewhere near Nantahala, Bryson City, North Carolina. My father was an executive with a major utility company and originally came from New Jersey. My Mom’s family has lived here in Gaston County since the 1600′s. So, we (my brothers and sister) are a real combination. I was educated in private schools and graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh in 1978 with double major in Psychology and Religion. Since then I’ve worked in outside sales for air freight companies and finally came back to my true love of working with children who have been mistreated. For the last 20 years Child Protective Services has been my second home. I’m now a Social Work Supervisor III, supervising five Social Workers who do Family Assessments (Investigations), In Home Services (Treatment for families who still have custody of their children)and Foster Care. Been married to my husband for 19 years; he’s Jewish so I also researched his religion and love the Kaballah. Holidays around here get pretty interesting – we do them all. I have a beautiful 26 year old daughter and gorgeous son-in-law who gave us a most precious grand-daughter a little over a year ago, and a 14 year old going on 25 son. He had a full beard but I made him shave it off last week. Yes, I said he’s 14. Our life is hectic and full. We also have two dogs who spend their days outside and their nights downstairs, or else they would bark all night. One is a mutt named Maddy – we think she’s part Whippit but we’re not sure. The other is my baby, Tasha, full blooded golden retreiver. She’s my company when everyone else is gone. Like right now, she’s at my feet. She huge – about 85 lbs and dark red/golden. I’m very much looking foward to just being Nana, Mom and my husband’s wife.

Tell us one quirky thing about you (or one thing no one knows about you).
I’ve written a book – working out the kinks now and actually found a publisher. But not even my family knows yet. It’s fiction about a situation my father and I talked about numerous times as I was growing up.

Do you have any advice for other fiber artists?
Follow your heart. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you can picture it, figure it out. I picture finished products and then figure out how to make them. Sometimes it’s as I go. Crochet is my outlet – when I finally sit down to work on something that’s all I need to think about, how is that stitch going to work, how is it going to look beside the one I just made.

Have any craft room, storage, or other tips?
We moved into an old house (built in 1935) 14 years ago and I’m just now getting my craft area upstairs organized and set up. My sewing machine, pattern books, yarn (in plastic tubs with snap on lids), fabric (Yes, I sometimes sew) and my little Sony TV is in there. It’s a long room, about 40 feet so at the other end is a library and an alcove with toys and games for the kids. That way we can all be in the same room doing our own things but we are still together. My grand-daughter will wander over (she’s been walking only a few months) and just watch. She’ll pick up a ball of yarn, rub it on her face and go, “UMMMM UMMMMM” She loves soft things. Tickles me to death.



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  1. Celeste (Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves) Says:

    Great interview with Dottie! That is so funny about trying to re-create the curtains…I’ve sooo been there. ;)
    Celeste (Crickets)

  2. Allison Howard Says:

    I so admire you for the great attention to detail and patience shown in your work! Enjoyed reading about what inspires you.

    Allison (Dominant Hands)

  3. Anne Says:

    I’m not sure I have the patience for larger projects. Your work is amazing.
    Anne (ennadoolf)

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