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FAST Member Interview- Linda of Lil Bit of Heaven Fibers

If you’re a member of FAST and would like to be featured in the weekly interview, visit this thread in the yahoo group to get the questions, then send your answers (and a picture or two if you’d like) to me at merigreenleaf[at]yahoo.com (or a convo to merigreenleaf). These will be posted in the order I receive them.


What is your name?
Linda Wunce

What is your Etsy shop? Does your shop name have a meaning?
Lil Bit of Heaven Fiber- The name of my farm is Lil Bit of Heaven, and I use the letters LBOH when I would register my baby llamas and shetland sheep. The name is already know in the llama world, so naming the store was just a given.

Besides your Etsy shop, do you sell anywhere else? Do you have a website or blog?
I do sell my fibers at Greenberry House in Meadows of Dan, VA., my fibers are also on Leslie’s website of her store. I do have a blog, just started it a couple of weeks ago. It is http://lbohfibers.blogspot.com.

How long have you been making art/crafting? What was the first thing you remember making?
I have been doing crochet most of my life. My grandmother taught me how as a child. The spinning, knitting and dying yarns I have been doing for over 15 years.

What kind of fiber arts do you do? If different from the previous question, what was the first fiber art thing you made?
As I mentioned I do spin, knit and crochet. I am learning how to weave now. Also I do make custom hand carded batts. The first fiber thing that I made was a crochet scarf.

What’s your favorite thing to make?
I love making socks. They are easy to carry around so I can knit while I wait. Making a sock is fun and you get something really great in a few days.

(Click the below link to read the rest of the interview and see more pictures)


What do you think is the strangest or most unusual fiber arts item you have made or been asked to make?
Really have not done anything strange yet.

Where is the craziest or most interesting place you’ve ever crocheted, knitted, felted, spun yarn, etc?
Fall Fiber Festival (October in Orange county VA.) Sitting down, knitting something easy and getting children and men standing there staring at me. They are trying to figure out how I am working the “string” into something that can be used.

What is your favorite place to work?
I do all my knitting in the evening. The one quite time that I have. I get my two big dogs at my feet and my Jack Russell beside me. My daughter says I look like something from the past.

What inspires you? Where does your inspiration come from?
What inspires me. Knitting magazines of course. I see a project and figure out how to work it. The outside also is a place to pick up ideas on dying fiber. Putting colors together that look like a bluejay. I really never know what colors I will use until I set down to get to work.

What is your favorite color? Do you tend to work with that color, or do you find yourself working with other colors?
My favorite color changes. All depends on what colors just grab my attention. I work in all colors, even ones I my not like at first. I like putting odd colors together and then seeing that it really does work.

Do you prefer a specific type of fiber?
I do loving working with llama and shetland wool. Of couse having a farm with 19 llamas and 16 sheep, you get a lot of wool to work with. Then I really do like working with sea silk. That yarn knits up into great socks. But I have tried all kinds of fiber and the only one I really stay away from is mohair. It is just to fuzzy!

Is there any other kind of art (fiber-related or not) that you’d like to learn?
I really want to get good at weaving. Finding time to work with the loom is my problem. But I really do want to be able to make cloth and then sew it up into something really great. Sewing with a machine is second nature to me, and designing something from my own fiber would be really cool.

Tell us a bit about yourself- where do you live, what’s your job, do you have a spouse/children/pets, any other hobbies, that kind of thing.
I live in central Virginia, just south of Fredericksburg. I have a farm but do not live on it now. I have a caretaker that lives on the farm and does all the daily work. Had to leave because of health issues and now I live about 10 min. from my farm. I have never had a job (out of the house). Raising my 4 children was my main job. When I left the farm I retired from raising children (youngest is 20, oldest is 35) and decided to work fiber full time. I have my 3 dogs that live with me. One is a border collie mix, lab, mix and my jack russell. They are my shadows now as they follow me every where. They have even found ways to lay next to me while I am spinning and not hit by the moving wheel. So I am a fiberholic and I love it!

Tell us one quirky thing about you (or one thing no one knows about you).
I don’t know if it is quirky, but I love staying home and doing things I really like do. Not one for traveling. Did enough of that while I was married.
I like my cottage home, working in the garden and working with fiber.

Do you have any advice for other fiber artists? Have any craft room, storage, or other tips?
Advice for other fiber artists, hum. Do not be afraid to rip out anything that is just not coming together right. I have ripped a sock apart when I have found stitches wrong. You just start over again. Space is something you will never have enough of. So don’t worry about it. My loom is in my dining room, I spin in my bedroom, store extra spinning wheels in my walk in closet. Beside my couch is a huge basket with my knitting. People will get use to see all that stuff, and it does not bother them..


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