Monthly Challenges

Every month the team has a different challenge that anyone in the group is free to take part in- you can do some, you can do all, or you can do none, whatever you want! You can also make as many themed items as you want each month, although members usually only make one or two. The themes are picked by the group, usually a few months in advance. All you have to do is make something that you feel fits the theme- it can be anything, as long as it involves fiber and, obviously, matches the theme. Also, if you have an item in your shop that matches the theme, you can tag that with the challenge tag; it doesn’t have to be a new item for the challenge.

***NOTE FOR 2010- there’s a new tag for challenge items!***
Tag it with the month and the word “challenge” and then “10″ (For instance, “januarychallenge10″), as well as the usual tag of “EtsyFAST team” that all your fiber items can get (both without the quotes). If the month name is too long to fit in the tag space on Etsy (for instance, September will be too long), abbreviate it to the first three letters of the month. For example, “sepchallenge10″. I’m not sure how many letter spaces you get for tags, so just test the month out to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, then abbreviate.

There’s no time frame, really, for making and listing a challenge item- as long as it’s listed sometime in that month (or around that month- feel free to list them if they’re a few weeks early or late, just use the tag for the month they were originally for).

Team members will often make treasuries to promote the challenge items (or blog about them, or whatnot), so it’s a good idea to tag them! I also post a little blurb in the listings for challenge items explaining the inspiration and give a link to our yahoo group and website/blog.

Once the challenge item is made and listed, feel free to post about it in the yahoo group or in the new message board (

If you have any questions, feel free to email or convo me (merigreenleaf) or post a message to the yahoo group. :)

2010 Challenge Schedule:

January 2010: Something old, something new

February: Mythology

March: Rebirth

April: Country/primitive

May: Going to the Zoo

June: Circus

(Months with question marks have yet to have a challenge picked.)

2009 Challenge Schedule:

January: Add a new color to your shop (make something in a color you don’t normally use)

February: Emotions

March: Books

April: Just Ducky

May: Movies

June: Board Games

July: Splashing Fun in the Summer

August: Hot hot hot

September: Songs

October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

November: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (take your medium a little farther along or back it up to its source.)

December: Blessings

2008 Challenge Schedule:

January: Fire

February: Anti-Valentine/Unexpected Love

March: Fairy Tales

April: Storms

May: Flowers

June: Heroes

July: Destash / Unhoarding

August: Olympics

September: Harvest

October: Candy

November: Big Ticket Item

December: EtsyFAST Teamwork (team up with another team member(s) to make an item, purchase supplies from a teammate, etc)