Wedding challenge winners!

May 9th, 2008 by merigreenleaf

The Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET), EtsyFAST, and ETSY Greetings street teams outdid themselves in creating pieces for the Wedding Challenge. Final voting results are in.

Congratulations to our winners – the voting was extremely difficult.

Paper category:
1st place –

2nd place –


3rd place –


Jewelry category:
1st place –

2nd place (tie) –


3rd place –


Fiber category:
1st place –

2nd place –


3rd place –


Many of the designers have put their pieces up for sale in their Etsy shops. Just search under the tag “wedchal” to see some amazing work. All entries can be found in the challenge flikr pool here

A heartfelt thank you to our featured bride, Autumn, for allowing us to share in her wedding plans.

Many thanks to the following generous Etsy shop owners for donating special items to be included in a gift basket for Autumn. (See a picture of the donated items here and here)

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May Updates

May 5th, 2008 by merigreenleaf

Wedding Challenge Voting
Don’t forget to vote for the wedding challenge entries! Voting ends at midnight tomorrow.

The fiber entries are here, the jewelry ones are here, and the paper ones are here.

Team Tag
The team tag to use on Etsy is now “EtsyFAST team” (with a space, no quotes). You can still tell people to search “EtsyFAST”, but we need the “team” in there to be recognized by Etsy. (Items tagged “EtsyFAST team” will still come up in searches for “EtsyFAST”.) There’s no hurry to change the tag- just update it when you list or relist. Remember, only tag your fiber-related items with “EtsyFAST team”.

Monthly Challenge
The theme for May is “Flowers”, and June will be “Heroes”. For more info on the challenges, visit the “Monthly Challenges” page.

I just snagged us a treasury of April challenge things (it’s here). Please check it out. :)

Want to help with the blog?
We can always use help with the blog! If you’ve got a fiber-related tutorial you’d like to share, or maybe experiences with craft shows, or anything you’d think is helpful, just let me know! Email me (merigreenleaf[at] or send me a convo and we can either set you up with blog access or I can post the article for you.


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Wedding Challenge Voting!

April 29th, 2008 by merigreenleaf

The Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET), EtsyFAST, and ETSY Greetings street teams have come together to offer their members a creative Wedding Challenge. Members were challenged to design a “jewelry”, “fiber”, or “paper” item inspired by our featured bride’s wedding details. The bride and groom were chosen from another online community, Our Little Universe. The challenge – to create a piece that would be a perfect fit for their – Autumn and John’s – wedding event. The piece could be for the wedding, reception or the honeymoon – the choice was left to the designer.

Info on the bride and groom (as well as the challenge itself) can be found here and in the FAST wedding challenge subforum and on the team blogs of the JET and EtsyGreetings teams.

FAST has the honors of hosting the voting for EtsyGreetings (the paper entries). Voting is open from April 29 until midnight EST May 6th and the results will be announced on May 9th.

Please vote for your favorite paper entry in the below poll (the number is above each image). Click the image to view it larger.














To vote for the Fiber and Jewelry entries, visit:

Please only vote for one item in each of the three categories!

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Wedding Challenge Story

April 7th, 2008 by merigreenleaf

Welcome to the first chapter of the Spring Wedding Challenge. The Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET), EtsyFAST, and ETSYGreetings street teams have come together to offer their members a creative Wedding Challenge. Members are challenged to design a “jewelry”, “fiber”, or “paper” item inspired by a featured bride’s wedding details. The bride and groom were chosen from another online community, Our Little Universe ( ). The teams have gotten information from the couple on how they met, what they’ll be wearing for the wedding, what are their colors, and any other tidbit they wanted to provide as inspiration for all the designers. When each designer completes their creation they’ll post photos of it on flickr and from April 22 to April 30 the public will get to vote for their favorite creation for the wedding.

Now … meet the bride and groom!



Autumn and John have agreed to let us share their wedding story and plans with the entire internet world as our inspiration couple for this wedding challenge. They both met over 2 years ago at their kids daycare. It must have been fate that they both picked the same daycare! They both knew some of the same people but really didn’t know one another. John was living 1.5 hours away at the time so they started emailing one another and chatting online and finally met for coffee in April 2006. They kept the relationship casual for a while and finally in September 2006 they started dating. John moved back to Columbia and into Autumn’s house in June 2007 and as Autumn says “Things have been really great.” Ain’t love grand?!

Autumn’s and John’s relationship has evolved perfectly and they have a blast with one another. Autumn says that John “is such a caring, giving, funny, gorgeous, beautiful person who makes me laugh every day- and goes out of his way for me and my son without even hesitating.” Autumn’s son, Gabe, adores John. John is very patient with Gabe and plays with him a lot. John helps Gabe get ready in the morning. He helps him get dressed and even helps him brush his teeth. He is such a great step-dad!




For the next chapter in this wonderful story, visit the EtsyGreetings and JET team blogs.


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Wedding challenge update

April 2nd, 2008 by merigreenleaf

Two updates about the wedding challenge:

1.) We’re looking for things for a gift basket for the bride; the call is out to any Etsyian, but I’m also posting it here in case any FAST member wants to do this, as well.

Visit this thread for more details:

2.) For the actual challenge, everyone is only allowed one item, But, if anyone wants to create more items they can list them all in their shop with the tag “wedchal”. The wedding community will be advised to search for this tag to see all available items for sale. This might get us more exposure and add to the fun. :)


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Cross-team challenge!

April 1st, 2008 by jenn

EtsyFAST is proud to participate in a great cross-team challenge with JET (Jewelry on Etsy) and EtsyGreetings — the Wedding Design Challenge!

All three groups are getting together to make some awesome things for a lucky bride and groom, Autumn and John. Members from each team will design things based on Autumn and John’s preferences, and can design items for the wedding, engagment party or even the honeymoon.

To read more about this Challenge and keep up with the amazing goodies being created, please visit this forum.

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